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This Rock Is A Hard Place

Posted on Fri May 10, 2019 @ 11:02am by Lieutenant JG Logan Hunter & Lieutenant Kelani Tetanal

Mission: On Slippery Ground
Location: Maquis Asteroid Base
Timeline: MD01 || 1705 hours

Logan and Brian sprinted down a corridor to the next cross section and crouched behind cover. The last five minutes had been the longest of their lives as they engaged in a running phaser battle with the Orion intruders. Each of them would fire of several volleys of phaser fire and then fall back to the next cross corridor in an attempt to lead the Orions away from where the rest of the teenagers and children were hiding. Now they were running out of maneuvering room though.

Logan quickly peeked around the corner down the corridor. A phaser blast returning his way for his trouble. He glanced at Brian for a moment. "I count five. We took out two on the way here. Any chance the last guy is trying to get around us for an ambush?"

Brian shook his head. He pointed to the opposite corridor. "Fusion reactors are down that way." He then hitched a thumb over his shoulder. "This corridor leads to the mine tunnels. Both are dead ends."

Logan sighed. They were basically trapped. They couldn't retreat to the power core. The danger was simply too great that phaser fire would shut the whole place down, especially life support. The tunnels didn't have life support and both of them would freeze or suffocate in a matter of minutes. "I guess we make our final stand here than." He reached out with his mind to Kelani. you Imzadi.~

On the Victorious, Kelani gasped , then bit her lip. Turning to Michael, she said, “Lieutenant Hunter and his companion are fighting a holding action, sir. They have retreated as far as they can...” In spite of her desperate attempt at control, her chin trembled as she said very softly, “He bid me goodbye...”

She closed her eyes and reached out to Logan, ~I love you, my Imzadi. We will be together soon. Please hold on, my love.~

Sounds of a commotion from the Orion end of the corridor caught Brian's and Logan's attention enough that both risked a peek down the corridor again. The young population of the asteroid were swarming the Orions. One after another would jump on the Orions despite being tossed off almost immediately, but it was enough to galvanized Logan and Brian to charge down the corridor.

Logan and Brian entered the fray and within a minute the remaining Orions were subdued. Logan looked about in amazement at the group. He caught a smile from Amanda and several of the other young men and women. He turned to Brian and handed the young man the phaser he had taken from him earlier. "I surrender myself to your authority."

Brian looked at his people, then to the downed Orions and finally at Logan. "That won't be necessary Lieutenant." He gestured to he Orions. "Get these voles to the holding cells." He turned back to Logan. "Let's get you home."

Logan took a deep breath and released it slowly. ~No worries Imzadi. I'm still keeping my promise to you.~

On the Victorious, Kelani’s eyes lost focus and a smile appeared on her face. Turning to Michael, she said, “The danger is past on the asteroid, Commodore. Lieutenant Hunter and his associates have subdued the Orion’s there.”

She reached out to Logan, ~I am so very glad, my Imzadi! Keep safe, you and your associates—we will be there as soon as may be, my love~


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