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Washing Troubles Away

Posted on Fri May 10, 2019 @ 11:54am by Lieutenant Colonel S'er'in'e & Major Kasia Petrova

Mission: On Slippery Ground
Location: Quarters
Timeline: MD 1 || 2100 Hours

Kasia sat in the corner of the shower with her knees pulled to her chest and her arms wrapped around them as the hot water above her washed over her body. She didn't think she'd had anymore tears to cry, but she'd been wrong. So very wrong. The Major wasn't a weak woman, and was often able to let things go, but this was different. This was traumatizing in ways she'd never expected it be.

The scene replayed in her mind for what felt like the millionth time.

As soon as the door opened and she lobbed the grenades, disruptor fire splashed against the edges of the door and one lucky shot caught a young Marine in the chest. The green glow of the energy weapon at at his chest and expanded until there was nothing left of him.

Gage gave a battle roar and started laying down heavy stun phaser fire without active targets as the other remaining Marines tossed their sleep grenades as well.

If there was an emotion greater than anger, the Russian woman was feeling it. Her vision bled red and adrenaline kicked in. "Open the fucking door!" she ordered in a voice she barely recognized as her own. This wasn't what she wanted to do, but they'd just killed one of her own. Now, it was time to play the game they initiated. After all, rules of engagement had been followed up until the point one of her men just... ceased to be.

Kasia raised her weapon, still standing off to the side, but now she meant business. There wouldn't be any prisoners, save for those who dropped back in the corridor. In a fit of pure rage, she leveled her phaser rifle, thumbed the setting to a higher level and fired repeatedly in the very direction the killing shot had come from.

Shouts, grunts and the sound of bodies hitting the floor were heard as the other Marines grabbed the door and forced it open, then added their own heavy stun fire. The four Orions on the bridge had dove for cover, but it was quickly blasted and three of them went down.

She grabbed the sides of her head and screamed, squeezing her eyes shut as the images ransacked her mind. Kasia couldn't seem to shake them, and now she wondered how she'd be able to come to terms with what happened. She'd taken beating after beating in the past, even put her own life on the line, but this was different. This was the life of a fellow Marine, one whose family wouldn't be getting the closure they deserved, and that was one of the very things that bothered her the most. Maybe, though... just maybe this was her penance for all the wrong doings she'd done in the past. To be haunted by the one she'd sworn to protect and failed.

S'er'in'e had felt the change in his Wife, like a companion it followed her, stalked her every move. He didn't want to press her to talk about it, she would open up in her own time but he did make himself available, close, within touching distance should she wish it.

Sat on his gathering of large pillows reading a Caitian text he was relaxing while Kasia showered. In an effort to please her he was dressed in a waistcoat like vest leaving his arms and part of his chest bare, pants to match. His ears held the sheaths upon them, his brow the headpiece, all this in an effort to please and to put at ease his troubled Wife.

When S'er'in'e heard the scream he leapt, literally, into action. His claws catching pillows and in his leap forward one snagged his hand sending it into the viewport to fall behind the sofa, one caught on his toes which with a flick of the foot mid stride saw it land on the table knocking over the shakers for Salt and Pepper. Practically bounding over the bed and pressing the button to open the bathroom door he was ready for a fight, to fend off whom, or what, caused his Wife to scream out.

Stepping in with claws out he paced in and it was then he noticed Kasia huddled into the corner of the shower. This, was the first time that he'd seen Kasia devoid of clothing, but even so, her modesty was mostly intact. He thought about turning the water off but it was providing a warmth that if turned off, and Kasia wet, might otherwise give her a chill. Instead of turning the water off S'er'in'e stepped in, kneeling low using his size to shield her from the water yet granting his airy warmth still. "My Wife, what is it?" His claws retracted, his voice soft and more feline in tone than usual.

She didn't seem to hear him as she sat there with her hands against the sides of her head, rocking back and forth with her eyes closed. Kasia didn't even sense his present, but it wasn't because she didn't want to, but instead, because she couldn't. Her mind was replaying the horrifying scene over and over, leaving her unable to focus on much else at the moment.

S'er'in'e shielding her from the spray of the shower above him, feeling the heated water seep into and under his thick coat of fur, soaking his attire worried for his Wife. He gently placed his hand upon her knee, slowly as to not startle her. "My Wife." He spoke just as softly as he had before looking upon her with great concern and worry.

Finally, the voice invaded the dark recesses of her mind, drawing Kasia's attention to the large presence in front of her. It didn't take her long to realize who it was, and that prompted her to launch herself at the large Caitian, throwing her arms around him as she sobbed. Modesty was out the window as the need to draw comfort from him was much greater.

Holding Kasia he shifted to sit much like a feline, almost upright as he held onto her. He still used his body to shield her from the spray of the water but she'd no doubt feel it soak through his fur and attire, his head resting upon the crown of her own. "What troubles you my Wife, tell me how I can help?" He purred, strongly knowing she liked to hear such from him and right now he simply wanted to be the pillar of strength, for her to hold onto and find a measure of calm in the storm raging inside her.

It was so hard for her to calm down, but she tried. She tried so hard to push the images from her mind and focus on her husband. And it seemed to work as she told him about what happened (see italicized bit above) through her tears. There was nothing left of him. Nothing left that would provide closure for his family or those who knew him.

Losing people was never easy, some would call it the bitter pill one had to swallow washed down by a drink from the cup of leadership. S'er'in'e never spoke of it, to anyone when he watched his team be killed, brutally, horribly in ways meant to amuse at the expense of great pain and suffering. He listened to what Kasia had said, took in not just the words but the emotion behind each one. He thought about saying something along the lines his own former commanding officer said about losing people, but now, so much was missing even if he repeated it.

Kasia shuddered against him, but still clung as if her life depended on it. She was seeking his warmth and comfort, which was calming her down a bit even if she wasn't completely there yet. Gone were the tears, but as violently as she was crying, her body occasionally jerked from the silent sobs. Her blue eyes drifted closed as her head came to rest against his chest. It was clear that the Russian woman was exhausted, but whether she'd actually sleep or not was something that remained to be seen.

S'er'in'e held his Wife closely as she sobbed, it pained him to see her so. Gently and carefully using his strength he held her within his arms and stood up, a slight reach and he was able to grab his own robe which was considerably bigger and warmer than her own. He placed it around her shoulders as he continued to purr loudly for her, letting the low rumble sooth and ease as best he could make it.

"It was horrible," she whispered.

Clad in a robe he walked Kasia to the end of the bed, sat himself and then her within his lap. His large arms encircling her in their protective hold. He had no reason to doubt but plenty of experience to know for himself. It was horrible, it was hard to adjust and it was the stuff of nightmares.

Kasia laid her head against his chest. Though, she wasn't crying anymore, she was still quite upset by the experience and wanted nothing more than to forget it ever happened, however, she knew that was very unlikely. Having her husband close helped, though, and it was a safe assumption that she'd be keeping him close by for a while. Right now, all the Major wanted was to be right where she was and forget.

Even if it was only for a little while.


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