Lieutenant J.M. Armitage

Name J.M. Dominic Armitage

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Dirty blonde
Eye Color Bluish Gray
Physical Description J.M. Dominic Armitage stands at 5'9" and weighs approximately 185 lbs. He has dirty blonde hair; often worn short but long enough to style aside. He has bluish gray eyes. Dominic is slender-athletic body type.


Significant Other None
Father Dr. George Armitage & Commander Giacomo Fonti
Mother Biological mother: unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview J.M. Dominic Armitage is sympathetic to his patients and will make sure that they get personalized medical care when they are in his Sickbay. Dominic speaks softly but he can be assertive when it comes to medical care and Starfleet procedure.
Languages Federation Standard, French, Italian, Spanish and Betazoid
Strengths & Weaknesses + Interpersonal
+ / - Stoic
+ Caring
Ambitions - Aspires to be the best version of himself both on a professional and personal levels
- To teach at Starfleet Medical Academy
- To become Starfleet Surgeon General
Hobbies & Interests Gardening; Performing Stand-up Comedy; Writing; Reading;

Personal History 2357: Born Joseph-Michael Dominic Armitage to parents Doctor George Armitage and Commander Giacomo Fonti.

2361: His parents Doctor George Armitage and Commander Giacomo Fonti separate due to their commitment to their respected careers. They agree that their son should remain with George. George and Dominic relocate to Seattle, Washington.

2369: The last time Dominic would see his father Commander Giacomi Fonti in person during his promotion ceremony to the rank of Commander. He is posted aboard the USS Stalwart as first officer.

2373: Dominic enrolls in pre-medicine studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.

2375: Dominic learns that the USS Stalwart is loss in the war with the Dominion. All hands assumed killed in action.

2376: Dominic leaves his studies at the University of British Columbia and enrolls in Starfleet Academy to follow in his father Giacomo's footsteps in becoming a Starfleet Officer while still honouring his father George's wishes for him to be a Doctor.

Service Record 2381: Dominic graduates from Starfleet Medical Academy and receives a commission of Lieutenant JG and assigned aboard the USS Frontier as Medical Officer.

2385: Dominic is reassigned to the USS Bonaventure as Medical Officer.

2386: Dominic would be promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

2393: Dominic is transferred to the USS Triumphant as Chief Medical Officer.